Rick takes his shot, v1

Failed attempt to rescue Timo when shepherd Pastor Cobos sends sheep into AA to allow gypsy boy Mogliesteu to scout tents and find there Timo is kept. Hundreds of sheep kicking up dust throughout the AA, tents, trucks, supplies, gives the gypsy boy reason to go in/out of tents, all looking for Timoteo.  Massive noise, dust, goatfuck of chaos, troops running everywhere, whistles, random shots.

Gypsy boy Mogliesteu is caught searching through tents for Timoteo.  Nx commander throws him to the mercies of the Berber Moors  like that book THE KITE RUNNER.  Boy raped repeatedly.  Timoteo, “El Asturador” hears it all.

BC/COL/Nx (Nationalist) Commander
     “Ah, verdad, tenemos El Asturador!”

realizes who he has … the mythical Asturian miner / Demo expert, AKAhe supposes the hills are alive with the sound of rebels.
Nx commander puts the boy & Timo on display, lashed to hot diesel radio generators and/or grill of radio truck, faces into sun, to send a msg to show off to warn off, to torture.

Rick fires twice.  Kills gypsy boy Mogliesteu first,  then Timoteo.

Rick, as he shoots, Timoteo
     “I’ll do you just this one last favor amigo. Don’t ask for another.”

At that point the BC sends patrols out in pure anger to get Rick.  Rick pursued across the mountains at high speed til he crosses line into CAT / BCN.

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