Subject: Re: Hank Emerson, Howze OClub, convo w Spence W.
To: gus gus
I did it was a good night, how are you guys?

From: gus gus
To: dave hunt
Subject: Hank Emerson, Howze OClub, convo w Spence W.

Spence W. and I are comparing notes.
I seem to remember a dinner at the OClub when you assembled noted veteran leaders of The Gunfighter / Lonesome End breed.
Have I just imagined this?
Hope all’s well.

From: Spence W.
Subject: Re: ‘I’ll Try Sir”
To: gus gus

I remember Hank Emerson. He was our Regimental Commander.
Bill Carpenter was the 2nd ID ADC. I don’t remember him ever at Howze.
David Hackworth was banned from Korea.
What night are you talking about?

On Sep 13, 2011, at 8:15 AM, gus gus wrote:
Do you happen to remember the night at the O’Club that Hunt got in a bunch of Hank Emerson, Bill Carpenter, David Hackworth types?


2011/7/12 gus gus
lamest motto ever

On Jul 11, 2011, at 8:04 AM, gus gus wrote:

Scout PL Mike D., guy before him John(?) good buddy of yours?
No. Mike D. sold me out to get to the Ranger BN
— no i meant the guy before D., John Kalish-some-slavic-sounding-name;
did he have a buddy named Jody Somebody???  Pulled me through a window at a Seoul nurses party.

Support PL, Dav., tall black guy? very resourceful, savvy

“Scooter” Dav. was the SPL before

Bob McD. took it over. I took it over briefly after Bob until the 1st Ranger BN took over 1-5 IN (M) and tried to make it 1-5 IN (Ranger- Overseas tour).
— McD.. That’s who i was thinking about. I found him an intimidating, Kurtz-like persona
Mortar PL Reggie A. c was a quality person but he was never was all that effective after breaking his leg during Hunt PT

FSO John B., brown roper boots ???

Nate S., went on to 101st AASLT
Pretty self- centered but it worked for him. He always was getting on my case for staying in a Rifle PLT over six months and not giving someone else a turn (I stayed 14 month). I always told him: “Try and take it from me.”
— right on

CPT Dale B. — your boss ?
Works in Army Public Affairs now. Did the same job in Turkey and in Fort Hood. I caught up with him over the phone when I worked at Fort Hood

CPT Jerry E. (Echo Co)

No idea where he is now. Too nice to be in the Army.
— yep. too nice. kinda smart, too. fair guy.

2LT W. Scott F. (USMA) He always had a chip on his shoulder.

Eventually gave up on him.
— i found him unpleasant. he accused me of malingering one day outside your company area

CPT Dick H.

Hunt could never smoke him, he laughed at Officers’ PT and went on to cmd @ 82nd

Lost track but saw the Brigade Command announcement. No surprise there.
— yup, i thought him a quality officer

SFC Gar., my first PSG ???
— then I had SSG Rene Casti..  Had to go to Hunt and save his ass after he hit a soldier Christmas-Eve bender in the barracks; effective if unpleasant PSG

MAJ Mark Vial. (sp?)
Should’ve never left Seoul. Pretty useless as an XO. He must have had some blackmail on Hunt.
— after he broke his leg on NODs Appreciation Night (Obstacle Course) I escorted him and his equally-drunk crutches down the hill from OClub to his hooch. claimed some black ops history w Hunt

Hunt’s kendo sword in M16 clip in his twin-black-flagged hummer
Never say this but it sounds cool.
— it was, black flags o death et al
— one night a deuce convoy ran past our AA really fast. he jumped up in his boxers, kendo sword in hand, chewed new assholes all over the place

Hooker Hill, that night you, me and some other guy befriended half Amer-Indian enlisted girl, went back to her barracks, 0500L
Scary night.
— reminds me of a dainty debutante i once knew,
had on her 8 fingers tattooed “M-A-N-S” “R-U-I-N”

MAJ Mur., Bn XO ? (no paperclips!)
He was a great XO with and awful wife and a drinking problem. Now that I am married I totally get the connection between the last two.
— i remembered the drinking prob. what qualities did he bring to XO?
I arrived from the Turtle Farm with all my uniforms and rope jammed into my bicycle box Like a prison.
— nighttime perp walk to Hunt Hooch by MAJ Mur., “fuck, another tabless bitch”

1LT Mike Jans., USMA, somewhat insane, spearfishing harpoon-thingy in his Q
He started his LT career in Turkey. Wicked smart. Probably too smart to stay in the Army.
— we ran together and climbed Pugaksan with Seoul Alpine Club vic Uijongbu, got really fkkkd up with the RoK climbers afterwards, they miraculously poured us onto the right bus
Yonjugo, Seonjori
The left and right armpits of Korea.
— Okay, I just laughed out loud here in cubeland.

Other than the DMZ probably the place I felt most at home in Korea.
— I believe it Spence.
— You were a real mission-focused, no-garrison-bullshit officer there.

Med Plt Leader
(Mike?) Dav. ?
— I think I remember hitting the Armpits with him and some other guys

2LT Gerhard Sch.
— incredibly charismatic, un-ruffle-able, very fun officer
— we got some chits for a bathhouse during exeval of some sort, just us and a bunch of our klosest Koree friends
did we go to some Oktoberfest event in a fancy hotel in Seoul?

Thank you.
The distinction between CV and resume — very helpful. I need to do like you did and find smugger examples, uh, and try to not wet myself <32B.gif>
Hey, and MACE patrols had 2 pieces. The dismounted day and the mounted night, kind sir.
Nonetheless, your insight sheds daylight and I remain a tourist pussy.
Quite sincerely though, I’ve always respected the time and hard work you put in Korea.


Here is my edited take on yours. I didn’t say anything on it which I wouldn’t say to you face. Of course, you remember I am a rude asshole don’t you?
I wrote a CV last year but it was lost with a computer crash. I need to go back and re-write it. And, no, my dog did not eat my CV.
I don’t know Kinsella I just came across this and copied it as a template. Smug bastard isn’t he?


You Rat Bastard … I look like a refugee from the wrong side of the NorthSouthEastern Appalachia Reform School Trailer Park Paradise next to this.
Kinsella … Close personal friend? Yale, whatever.
B.A., 1985, Political Science, University of California, Irvine: cum laude, honors program
I can tell you for nothing that UC Irvine sucks, cum laude or not. I totally failed to get laid there one Oscar’s night while stationed at The Irwin.
Besides I bet he never did this quality of work.

Speaking of effete east coast schools, I think Hunt went to Harvard Kennedy School o Government sometime between Bn Command and G-3 shop at Fort Carson. 4ID rotated through Irwin and me and my best Opfor Tanker buddy cooked up chow, ate on ammo crates in my BOQ with Hunt.

And yes, my expectations of nuclear war reduced my savings.

I’d be curious to see your res/cv. Thanks for being willing to review mine. I dread the savaging.


Sure. Does it look somewhat like this one?


I’m assembling a Don Quixote-like application for grad school. It’s an executive MBA between Georgetown and ESADE in Barcelona.
I had a phone interview last week and it went well. I’ve put together a CV. Would you be willing to review it?

Dear Justin,

  1. Many thanks for your message.
  2. I really enjoyed our conversation last week and the bike track and Nickee’s barks in the background added plenty of local colour!
  3. It certainly sounds like you’ve had an interesting journey so far what with your time in the US military with all the associated international travel and then more recently your time at US Robotics and what you term your “IT phase”.
  4. It was also good to hear more about your motivation for pursuing a Global Executive MBA and I can see how it very clearly fits into your overall strategy to leverage your strengths in leadership & management and harness your potential to take on a Senior International Director role possibly within the IT world.
  5. My personal impression is that given your career track to date, coupled with your international exposure and 15 years plus of work experience you would certainly have a competitive profile for the Georgetown ESADE Global Executive MBA.
  6. In terms of next steps, as we discussed it would be great if as you were able to meet up with a Global Executive MBA module, sit in on class, meet Faculty and have lunch with the GEMBA participants. The earliest opportunity to do that would be in just over a week when the 2010 GEMBA cohort are in New York and Georgetown for their final Module 6.
  7. New York is mostly taken up with visits so the best time for you to sit in on class would actually be from Friday the 15th of July which is their first full day in Georgetown until Thursday the 21st. As I mentioned, I am also in Georgetown on the 13th and 14th and on the morning of the 15th.
Right now I am waiting to find out from the Georgetown GEMBA Program Manager, Sara Dolan, which dates would work best, whilst I wait to hear back from Sara, could you let me know which dates work best for you too and then we can come up with a plan.
Will be back in touch shortly Justin.
    Best regards in the meantime,

PS : Incidentally I looked up Okehampton and yes I do know it – right next to Dartmoor in West Devon – we used to go near abouts there for picnics.

From: Agustín
To: Nethersole, Pollyanna

Subject: Our Thursday morning fonecon
It was a real delight speaking with you. Thank you for your generosity of time and tolerance for the several noises.
You provided me a rich map of the GEMBA. I hope I did the same for you of me.
I’ll look forward to accepting your invitation to sit in on a class.
Most sincerely



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