Life among the code people: js

jay giron [15:40]
little bird sang in my ear this morning:
“`talk to any every mofo out there, get better at talk the talk, get the gig, then worry about the walk the walk :grinning:“`
ok, not so much singing, it was Enrique Caruso, the insane brain-battered red cardinal who every sunrise sunset flies straight into my 2nd floor window, seriously.  he started 3 years ago, i thought for sure by now the drain-bamage would have left him limp, but, nooooo, we hear every crash all the way across the house, Enrique is like his own sonic boom of insanity; of course there is  metaphor value in watching him smack the window … you know, like how i feel coding, and/or today just cleaning up StudBook data a la json so that
“`   Fri Apr 14 14:50:11 ~/Dropbox/3/x/wdi/33/exercises/studbook (master *)
$ node db/seed.js
GIRO:  in connection.js, right above var HorseSchema
GIRO:  in connection.js, about to do mongoo.Promise thing
GIRO:  in seed.js, about to do Horse.remove and Horse.collection.insert
GIRO:  in seed.js, finished Horse.collection.insert
GIRO:  in seed.js, inside insertthenfunction“`
would work.   Place.  Head.  Here.