Where’s the dumb Valium?

Consider the following:

  1. How have we effectively & persistently improved Ma, your and yours’ quality of life in the past 7 months?
  2. How do we not have a bona fide opioid addiction at play here
    How are the behaviors & outcomes we see not consistent w any such addiction?
  3. How do the specific actions above about mychart & telehealth not offer at least a different possible outcome to the miserable holding pattern we’ve seen for 7 months now as our mother literally wastes away before our eyes?
  4. Have we concluded that really uncomfortable conversations that upset Ma can’t be tolerated?
  5. Where is the Valium in all this?

I’ve burned hour after hour after hour this weekend composing shit like this. Like the other brothers, I too need to work 7 days/week. I need to go to the office now. I will be there.

I’ve suggested specific things that you have to put in place. To me it’s time for them to be put in place and talk left for next weekend — perhaps during a specific, problem-solving Fambly Zoom.

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