Mohammed’s maggots

Meddlers of the new math
Maggot distillers
Pockets filled with gum-drop gods, marked

“Distribute to youth”


“Say cheese!”

Alchemists of the new truth, with

“Papers, please”

Your gospel’s a sell-by date
Today’s your day, discover a new hate
Take a number
Two lines, no-waiting, join the salami line, fishmonger, whoremonger, sinner-cum-saint
Aprons all around
Take a number, take your number, take their number
Bring em to their knees

Go, build nations
Go, spin the bottle
Go, sew democracy
Spin, dreidle, spin
Go, seed the plains
Pull the Jenga block

Give the gift of awe

Envy the intact infidel cock

Shuffle to Nazareth bearing gifts of shock

Pick-up stick prayers
Poppies to ploughshares to pocketsquares


“Pass ‘Go’”.

“Do not collect your pallet-full of dollars”

“Just say ‘no’ … children”

say something nice ... or not

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