1,000-year-old Palestinian olive trees burnt down by Israeli settlers

the riverine coals that were once the heart,
the entrail intestines of olive trees
turnèd as marrow the splintered bones of your dreidl-god
glow sear pulse throb red
w coals angry that hurry worry their way to ash
like any shopkeeper
consumption awaits
settlers snicker

Farmers hearts pulse glow fade die
to ashes to ashes all
all fall down
conjoin w wasps w locusts w hornets w sparrows
swallows egrets all now at loss to bed, to feed, their spawn

To ashes also the locusts,
who can now not feed their eastward-flight their murder-maraud

Swallows look on in disbelief, knowing their brood
shall have nought but stones to eat to fool to eat

Lizards at the panic for loss of shade
run down the intact trunk past the knesset of coals assembled
for the tear down from within
for the death from inside-out

One burns ones self from one’s best to one’s worst to one’s ash
like any fag-end
left smoldering by adolescents
abandoned forgetfully
in a frozen amber-death ashtray
lay the blue mosque of the temple gate of the wailing wall built of ash


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