Where’s the dumb Valium?

Consider the following: How have we effectively & persistently improved Ma, your and yours’ quality of life in the past … More

She wasn’t trainspotting?

P, thanks for answering the questions. Sorry that you’re dealing w this full-time w zero support, in Covid-fucking time. Misery … More

Inscrutable, shakes-head

Same river, many wells … Decades ago, AK shocked me with: “Everyone grows up in a different family.” Our lives … More

The spite chair

1x brasilian 2x moves 2x affairs 2x concussions 3x jobs 4x jobs ax 2x big legal axn, HK, Agnes-ity 10x new tires 1500 track miles $50k much over-spending mania, … More

Annabelle al Austin

  Fred’neck “I’m easy      << Neither of us is easy Mayfair “I knew you could have made that travel … More