Maybe get off a shot

poof-poof-poof o them amphetamine chinks  them eyes a-wide all speed-addled pad-pad-pad down the riverbed rot night-blind and ammo-saddled  with rice … More

Combat multipliers

there is the headspace there is the timing the pursue the fear in every place: “ soldier ,  multiple calibres  are  combat … More

Her red peppers

she cook up a big dinner so i hears, her red peppers dun shriveled on the roof  they lights up … More

Combat multipliers

pursues fear everywhere, all around, all over except in the headspace & timing: multiple calibres measure combat multipliers we have … More

Erik, they are fast

the spurring, the cropping, the cursing, the neck-wrenching the barnfire screams from soft muzzles with big teeth on orange carrots … More

Follow game trails

one follows game trailsfinds nocturnal children roving as not in daydrinking with the coons and jacks;children who know well the … More

Those bedouin become butterflies

Those bedouin become butterfliesOn guano-stained rocksAre lost of hopeAre sans habeas corpusHave only discretionary suicide plansAnd flushed korans,Shit-stained,On which to … More

It is not

Family members at conflict that it is just:It is not,We know the truth,The truth is lost

Listen to Arabian tales

With rumours of war and un-war filling the skies like so many gnatsRound-faced menGather in the dark,Gather in the takingsOf … More

Chattering like magpies

Chattering like magpiesWorking for our supperMeeting renowned thinkersReading of Stalin and Turks and Ottomans withCassowary’s disemboweling the unawareAnd lieutenants in … More

Each man in gitmo reproduces

Each man in gitmo reproduceswhere conception by infectionbroods boils. all boils burst into dust.said dust dances on hurricanes top,said cyclones’ … More

Seeds of War

all boils burst to dances on hurricanes top, they rain absolutely un-slaking one knows notwhere it shall stop, only,certaintis … More

Boys Don’t Throw Like Girls

boys in running battlesdon’t throw like girls:electric-taped quarter-sticks o explosivetopped in red-flaming wicksat any passerbyin any barbershopat every library door.

Market bombed

Any anonIn anywhere marketFlour is sold and traders bickerDoctors they run for shelter.