Market bombed

Any anonIn anywhere marketFlour is sold and traders bickerDoctors they run for shelter.

Sergeant says

sergeant says“i am the light fading out … your nation needs you” oh former ranger so good at yer joband … More

The infantryman

the infantryman in newly-bombing khabul carries a squad automatic weapon in each handhe walks away from the bone and rubber … More

The Balkans 1999

I forced,Did take to the mountainsWith my children slender; I forced on them such leaves and twigsAs giving water would … More


His is set theory, , non-procedural , declarative and the lad is merely a markup His are overloaded , fully … More


they are ++ ; while i .. j and if (should) time without end (did) endif ; elsif (would) ;


select count(*) from charlie   c , whiskey  w , bravo  b , delta  d where c.sit join join … More


JoeMy intentions are honorable.Jay npo cloverleaving through the nightcleaving unto what’s rightseething is disbelieving x ”     they chickens     … More

Veterans Day

one’s sinister beard no substitute for hateone’s nice tie no solace for the being late for the luncheon where the … More