Tampons in the shitters

[ Day 8 of  3-month training exercise w Army boats on Onslow Beach, USMC Camp LeJeune, NC. ] S-3: “S-4!” … More

Desertion is a breech birth

Desertion is not diarrhea. Desertion is a breech birth. Bring your soldiers. Bring your infants. Now, men, here’s our plan: … More

Asturían miners’ lament

TIMOTEO Asturiàs is not Las Marismas.  No ships, no boats, no futures sail from here. The winds billow nothing. They … More


SSG PAGANO captures TIMOTEO “¡VIVA LA MUERTE, maricon!” Timo recogiendo el Colonel Millán-Astray, que se ordenó a torture en el … More