Girl from North Carolina

There was that daisycutter mouth Where children playedTo the rules of the ante-bellum south More the brushing the teethThan the … More

Maybe get off a shot

poof-poof-poof o them amphetamine chinks  them eyes a-wide all speed-addled pad-pad-pad down the riverbed rot night-blind and ammo-saddled  with rice … More

Combat multipliers

there is the headspace there is the timing the pursue the fear in every place: “ soldier ,  multiple calibres  are  combat … More

Her red peppers

she cook up a big dinner so i hears, her red peppers dun shriveled on the roof  they lights up … More

Annabelle al Austin

  Fred’neck “I’m easy      << Neither of us is easy Mayfair “I knew you could have made that travel … More

Ms Brasil

i found myself dreading the amorous advances later from knee-walking Stagger Lee at the pool table girl from south of … More

Jesus flies a kite

I has found that goat with the leech on his throat Among the pines at lean in the treeline: There … More

There were skin grafts

there were broke bones there were skin grafts among the shot-to-death seraphs yer a good man, Charlie Brown (his dog … More

Toujours l’audace

( l’audace l’audace toujours l’audace ) was for other little men not of crossed arms or crossed wills i gave … More

Be there that blowfish

be there that blowfish “none shall pass, motherfucker” this is no way to live getting one’s shit pushed in like … More