Combat multipliers

pursues fear everywhere, all around, all over except in the headspace & timing: multiple calibres measure combat multipliers we have … More

Spider less geometric

the spiders are like young girls,fiddle-dee-dee at the maypole. there were spiders forming less than geometric webs,dangling half-hung. how the … More

Ms Brasil

i found myself dreading the amorous advances later from knee-walking Stagger Lee at the pool table girl from south of … More

It is not

Family members at conflict that it is just:It is not,We know the truth,The truth is lost

Listen to Arabian tales

With rumours of war and un-war filling the skies like so many gnatsRound-faced menGather in the dark,Gather in the takingsOf … More

Chattering like magpies

Chattering like magpiesWorking for our supperMeeting renowned thinkersReading of Stalin and Turks and Ottomans withCassowary’s disemboweling the unawareAnd lieutenants in … More

Each man in gitmo reproduces

Each man in gitmo reproduceswhere conception by infectionbroods boils. all boils burst into dust.said dust dances on hurricanes top,said cyclones’ … More

Boys Don’t Throw Like Girls

boys in running battlesdon’t throw like girls:electric-taped quarter-sticks o explosivetopped in red-flaming wicksat any passerbyin any barbershopat every library door.

Market bombed

Any anonIn anywhere marketFlour is sold and traders bickerDoctors they run for shelter.

Sergeant says

sergeant says“i am the light fading out … your nation needs you” oh former ranger so good at yer joband … More

The infantryman

the infantryman in newly-bombing khabul carries a squad automatic weapon in each handhe walks away from the bone and rubber … More

Deathwish? Don’t get me started

death wish? thedeath-will, thedeath-want, thedeep-sea fishing, thedeath-wonder [ the dishes to wash ]  thedeath march, thedeath watch, themdevouge springs, therethe … More


His is set theory, , non-procedural , declarative and the lad is merely a markup His are overloaded , fully … More