Sharia, baklava

Sharia-to-go All the justice that she can afford All the justice afforded by the lash Render unto her the word…

Alibaba’s 3 asses

Come! My presidents Go! You kings Bring! Your platoon forty of thieves Free! Get! Put! Strap! Your riches Well! Upon…

Elephant, walk on by

elephant, listen for the change follow watchfully behind bury your dead gather sticks walk on by her bowerbird grave

Alibaba’s 9-volt brother

Remember the brother dismember: Up-ended him Suspended, w other wingèd mice Splayed against your nine-volt algae-green night Who forgot the…

Hair-dressers and daughters

We shunt them retarded cicadas Back Down To end their days With dying potatoes With sightless centipedes Hair-dressers and daughters…

The heifers in curls

The heifers in curls See always the dawn, Bolt-on Spray-on Turnbuckled their pearls

Hats that hang like crimes confessed

Birds-o-paradise from brownfields stagger on broken heels, wear hats that hang like crimes confessed, like  sodden cigarettes, like tin-snipped ailerons,…

Kerosene tits set to ignite

Them ladies w smiles peeled personal-trainer tight, kerosene tits set to ignite,  their husbands  a-strafe their bedroom  superfund site

Them high-heeled

but the anus still between us, and also with us, father; the rectum pre-speculum the rosebud as yet un-rodded