Billion-dollar brick

1 more brick in 1 more settlement Mister, that’ll cost you 1 billion dollar

Abandon. Azimuth. Now.

  Take your mayor w you  Your pimps  Your whores  Your civil engineers Your baseball scores  “Welcome to the wood-chipper” … More

Hornet infects heron

Hornets of oblivion Infect herons of mud With ass-piss blood Once only neglected Seeded herons dare chase alien sun

jack, dog, dust

if only i knew that table rock that saddle gap i would lie me there until i too, turn to air … More

ISIS carpetbaggers gone-wild

Bag of: man-on-boy adultery, of brother-v-brother slaughter Scout-leader spread like goat-butter Tenderfoot tethered, belly-down Bag of Al-Sadr, of it is … More

Siblings and other brutes

for x in {} ; Chekhov::Zhivago ; Cheney/Rasputin::Bush/Elmer.Fudd ; McNamara::Rumsfeld ; Dulles.a::Dulles.jf ; Cheney::Chalabi::Piper.Pied.Ponzi ; Perle.Richard::Wolfowitz.Paul ; Bremer.JPaul{Jerry}::Jones.Jim ; Wilson.Charlie::Appleseed.Johnny … More

Joe, NPO

cloverleaving through the night cleaving unto what’s right seething, disbelieving: they chickens they goats “don’t trust a man with a … More