Joe, NPO

cloverleaving through the night cleaving unto what’s right seething is disbelieving: – they chickens , they goats – “don’t trust … More

That bamboo

that bamboo refused the stand upright there was relief in the voices of birds and bees who no longer alight

Dear john letter // dlk

Dana i jotted this down 3 weeks ago, Justin Kate I’ve been thinking about you.  Seems likely we won’t be … More

Dear john letter // jh

You You are a woman-in-full.  Since we met 10 years ago, I’ve always liked and respected you.  Since we started this summer, … More

There are doors to splinter

A Gracias por el martes. Estaba fuertissimo, profundo, nosotros crecemos. Digo a ti: Tengo el fuerte suficiente. Mas precisamente, yo … More

Girl from North Carolina

There was that daisycutter mouth Where children playedTo the rules of the ante-bellum south More the brushing the teethThan the … More

Annabelle al Austin

  Fred’neck “I’m easy      << Neither of us is easy Mayfair “I knew you could have made that travel … More

Ms Brasil

i found myself dreading the amorous advances later from knee-walking Stagger Lee at the pool table girl from south of … More

Fear of geometry

it is a simpler feat to throw gels across spots,to change shapes with light,to engineer transitory states of light and … More

Deathwish? Don’t get me started

death wish? thedeath-will, thedeath-want, thedeep-sea fishing, thedeath-wonder [ the dishes to wash ]  thedeath march, thedeath watch, themdevouge springs, therethe … More

One’s torrid affair

Yes, torrid affairs, like the military, are better to have had, and to have done.  Forever remembered, tasted, told , … More

It werent the wheels fell off (the not)

… it were the brakes, and … i’ve been                                                  (one wants to want to think, so on the 3-speed … More

Joe got a glock

We are men with children and many cupholders Our hair graying, cocks sagging Powers turning to fairy dust  All the … More

Veterans Day

one’s sinister beard no substitute for hateone’s nice tie no solace for the being late for the luncheon where the … More