Elephant, walk on by

elephant, listen for the change follow watchfully behind bury your dead gather sticks walk on by her bowerbird grave

Alibaba’s 9-volt brother

Remember the brother dismember: Up-ended him Suspended, w other wingèd mice Splayed against your nine-volt algae-green night Who forgot the…

Hair-dressers and daughters

We shunt them retarded cicadas Back Down To end their days With dying potatoes With sightless centipedes Hair-dressers and daughters…

The heifers in curls

The heifers in curls See always the dawn, Bolt-on Spray-on Turnbuckled their pearls

Hats that hang like crimes confessed

Birds-o-paradise from brownfields stagger on broken heels, wear hats that hang like crimes confessed, like  sodden cigarettes, like tin-snipped ailerons,…

Kerosene tits set to ignite

Them ladies w smiles peeled personal-trainer tight, kerosene tits set to ignite,  their husbands  a-strafe their bedroom  superfund site

Them high-heeled

but the anus still between us, and also with us, father; the rectum pre-speculum the rosebud as yet un-rodded

Mohammed’s maggots

Meddlers of the new mathMaggot distillersPockets filled with gum-drop gods, marked “Distribute to youth” smile, “Say cheese!” Alchemists of the…

Inscrutable, shakes-head

Same river, many wells … Decades ago, AK shocked me with: “Everyone grows up in a different family.” Our lives…