Abandon. Azimuth. Now.

  Take your mayor w you  Your pimps  Your whores  Your civil engineers Your baseball scores  “Welcome to the wood-chipper” … More

Annabelle al Austin

Fred’neck “I’m easy << Neither of us is easy Mayfair “I knew you could have made that travel more cheaply … More

We could never be friends

Nonetheless, I can tell you fer nothing that you are interesting like me, and you deserve … something. I can … More

jack, dog, dust

if only i knew that table rock that saddle gap i would lie me there until i too, turn to air … More

Joe, NPO

cloverleaving through the night cleaving unto what’s right seething, disbelieving: they chickens they goats “don’t trust a man with a … More

Of crows the left-behind

This winter sees the bitternings of crows the left-behind of crows unsuited for flight of crows ill-equipped for animosity of … More

She aborted, I yielded

Imperative Summer with Sadie, College Park, Maryland, 1998 Dance with dog sisters in the sky, Fireflies and flickering stars, You … More