Her dog is all tumours and grey, They surround her muzzle. Her eyes are red and bloodshot. Licking her chops … More

Grant me the earthquake

devoid of sway the only son is undone through wobble and shake the yearned-for earthquake does that boy love another … More

Shanghai lil insisted

shanghai lil insisted on that suicide, pill on that self-deny, still. she shoved souls unwilling to be revealed. she said … More

Shit on a shingle

the girls in their summer dresses they sing they strut they swing and mingle the pretty soldiers shorn of tresses are … More

jack, dog, dust

if only i knew that table rock that saddle gap i would lie me there until i too, turn to air … More

army word otro

grenade sumpcateyesstack & swivelsucking chest woundheat roundball ammohigh n tightflowbietits-upsucking hind titall assholes & elbowsbloused bootsranger tabdrophealth & welfare inspectionlowcrawlbeat … More