Cicadas n otro sacrifices

Oh, sure, you salted cicadas
We, scorpions
We, expect a yield

We harried hornets to hysterics to a blind hate

We poisoned scorpions w their own eggs

This generation raised among pomegranates must die

The madrasa-mutton,

Sit upon skewers, run-through

Hornets bred w scorpion genes,
Raised on scorpion entrails
Hornet father, scorpion mother
Yield thee a mantis of bother.
Guard your daughters
Reef their sails.

We shall wipe your brood from the face of your earth
Your tainted brood, starved by alphabet, stunted by addition,

We shall excrete your brood
Our haunches down
Our knees bowed
Our eyes screwed
Like any colic mule

Cleanse the cherry trees
Their burden dread of squatters

Shunt them retarded cicadas
To end their days
With forgotten potatoes,
With sightless centipedes,
With hair-dressers,

With daughters,
Bent on skinnèd knees,

Forced underground like dirty cicadas

Scorpion w cicada all belly-up
Sting the holy site

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