You Hazari, you Herati, atonement awaits

You Hazari, you, Herati, you Kabuli, you Kandahari

Open your city gates

Acknowledge your sun-dried debt

Atonement awaits:

Glory to god in the highest


Shame to your opium-eaters

Their godless song

Their headless dance

Hosannah in the highest


Display your daughters like dates, like raisins, like almonds

Present them sunless on the pistachio scales

Blessèd for the betrothal chosen

Go in place of peace


Short her diesel death

Garotte your holy goat

Option your holy son

Lever your wretched daughter

Wash your hands in holy water

My fault, my most grievous fault


Garotte like the holy goat

At your unwashed feet

Your innocent, your unanointed

And also with you

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