Chattering like flustered magpies

Chattering like flustered magpies
We slave for our supper
Meet renowned thinkers
Read of Stalin and Turks and Ottomans with
Cassowary’s disemboweling the unaware
And lieutenants in full revolt with
Muslims like Cassowaries at each others’ entrails;
Muslims follow storks to the doings of Cassowaries
To sniff the entrails of brothers and sisters
With thoughts of a palm- and bird-filled four-month-dogless house
And cities on flame
Buildings un-learning how they stand
And toppling over sideways not a cloud in sight
With rumours of war and un-war filling the skies
Like so many sight-stealing gnats;
Round-faced men
Gather in the dark,
Gather in the takings
Of stocks at exchange
And stocks of guns,
And more soldiers to the mill
More boys and girls gone grist and
Us, well-fed with in-effective marches
Listen to Arabian tales of lieutenant in full revolt.
Family members at conflict that it is just:
It is not,
We know the truth,
The truth is lost
Those bedouin become butterflies
On guano-stained rocks
Are lost of hope
Are sans habeas corpus
Have only discretionary suicide plans
And flushed korans,
On which to hold;
At a goatfuck of a gallows,
Where preside agenda and a vengeance
And gassed kurds be damned
For today we dispatch the devil in absentia:
There is tyrant derelictly-delivered to his sudden god
In a chaos of curses;
If in his final words only filth follows,
Then woe be unto the koran at his hand
For amid the shaking and temblors
Of his dis-believing fist
It shall burst into flame
In the seconds before falls the floor
And the ministers of justice shall burn,
Just as well,
In their Muslim hell.

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