Rick sets sail x-Djibouti, middleman cuts out

[ Rick is about to sail weapons from warehouses in Djibouti to North Africa to sell to Spain. Andreas below is Signor Ferrari’s lame younger brother, handling SF’ ops  while Ferrari cooks blackmarket deals in & directs operations from, Casablanca ]

Okay, Andreas, the weapons are all loaded up.  Tied down.  Ships ready to go. Where’s your stuff?”Oh, Rick, I can’t possibly sail with the weapons.  I get seasick terrible. You’re the man for the job, my friend. 

“That’s news to me.  Does your brother know this?

“Oh, of course, ever since I was a boy. He knows.  

“So where am I taking all this stuff?

“Oh, Rick, I’m sure you’ll figure something out. No wish I could help, but it’s quite out of my control. 

“Uh-huh. Wish I’d known this. ”

“Zup, you have room for our delicate friend in the plane?

“Oh, no, Zup, I get airsick terrible.

“How exactly did you get here in the first place?

“Born.  Our father was a merchant here.  

“So you’ve never been out of Djibouti?   

“Not even once. 

“Will you?

“It seems unlikely. 

“You okay w that?

“If it is god’s will.  

“Inshalllah, St Francis, suit yourself. 

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