Fear of geometry

it is a simpler feat to throw gels across spots,to change shapes with light,to engineer transitory states of light and … More

Follow game trails

one follows game trailsfinds nocturnal children roving as not in daydrinking with the coons and jacks;children who know well the … More

The St Francis Series, #7

of the birds in your hand and the hares at your feet you’ll stroke only them and i, alone, crave only to touch only … More

jack, dog, dust

if only i knew that table rock that saddle gap i would lie me there until i too, turn to air … More

We bury dogs

we bury dogs with likenesses upon stone we bury children faceless dogs deny a disturbance of trees, while roots snake … More

Erik, they are fast

the spurring, the cropping, the cursing, the neck-wrenching the barnfire screams from soft muzzles with big teeth on orange carrots … More

Jesus flies a kite

I has found that goat with the leech on his throat Among the pines at lean in the treeline: There … More

Deathwish? Don’t get me started

death wish? thedeath-will, thedeath-want, thedeep-sea fishing, thedeath-wonder [ the dishes to wash ]  thedeath march, thedeath watch, themdevouge springs, therethe … More