Joe, NPO

cloverleaving through the night cleaving unto what’s right seething, disbelieving: they chickens they goats “don’t trust a man with a … More

Why chase fear when

war not got me speed not sped me through air not felled nor failed nor reserved and fell not out … More

Shanghai lil insisted

shanghai lil insisted on that suicide, pill on that self-deny, still. she shoved souls unwilling to be revealed. she said … More

Maggie may would have

maggie may would’ve had something to say but the telecaster in her heart was the moment i blew apart unlike … More

Grant me the earthquake

devoid of sway the only son is undone through wobble and shake the yearned-for earthquake does that boy love another … More

To the seaside church

to the seaside church the many-headed god removes barnacles the thirty years growth from the dying reef where starfish do … More

Hers not that gift

his dog knew their souls in the nearby her boy flatout unable to die and her’s not that gift to … More

That sickening of swallows

that sickening of swallows sang “ when you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer “ from burning … More

The wobble, the shake

that son is undone though wobble and shake on that tornado day,his dog knew his soul sat well away.

Bird in mouth

their mouths open,the transoms beg,they await the weep-weep of wingsthrough their lipsthe murmur,the tip-tap trace of love on one’s lip.

Jesus flies a kite

I has found that goat with the leech on his throat Among the pines at lean in the treeline: There … More

Hey jude, you’ll do

it spans continents and years of looks and miles of books for answers to score whores of niggers on each … More

There were skin grafts

there were broke bones there were skin grafts among the shot-to-death seraphs yer a good man, Charlie Brown (his dog … More

Toujours l’audace

( l’audace l’audace toujours l’audace ) was for other little men not of crossed arms or crossed wills i gave … More

Be there that blowfish

be there that blowfish “none shall pass, motherfucker” this is no way to live getting one’s shit pushed in like … More

One weaves a cocoon

one weaves a cocoon ’round one’s shoulders one is a collapsed heart a lumbago awaits the rains following soon the … More