Billion-dollar brick

1 more brick in 1 more settlement Mister, that’ll cost you 1 billion dollar

Abandon. Azimuth. Now.

  Take your mayor w you  Your pimps  Your whores  Your civil engineers Your baseball scores  “Welcome to the wood-chipper” … More

Sharia, Baklava

Sharia-to-go: All the justice she can affordAll the mercy afforded her the lash Render unto herThe exhaust, the cataract of … More

Mohammed’s maggots

Meddlers of the new mathMaggot distillersPockets filled with gum-drop gods, marked “Distribute to youth” smile, “Say cheese!” Alchemists of the … More

Alibaba’s 3 asses

Come! My presidents Go! You kings Bring! Your platoon forty of thieves Free! Get! Put! Strap! Your riches Well! Upon … More