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Motivations | Agendas Cruelties | Niceties Sweeties | Hope-against-hope-ities Plain ol’ titties Waves a-crash into others Risks | Respects Lost … More

My life as a pop-tart

she’s so fine there’s no telling where the money went “quit moving around or we’ll have to kill you (nurse … More


What you see below is my brain-addled, inter-continental world-wide attempt to arm-wrestle, out-fox, discover where sleeps fear. Basement, U.S. eastern … More

The go-fast gospel

It’s not about the got, its about the get. I don’t care where I’m going, just how I get there, … More

Erik, they are fast

the spurring, the cropping, the cursing, the neck-wrenching the barnfire screams from soft muzzles with big teeth on orange carrots … More

Cur in the sky

lightning slick that ambulance ride i cast the cur aside and turned them cattle into the sky

i resisted the coming-to

she showed me the moonless nightshe took the metallic snapthe dirt-wasp the bear-trap i resisted the coming-to.

One Wants To Have The Choice

fins dorsal and fins subliminal unable to ultimately fight:  when one bangs one’s brain one must forever shark forever flight  lest the … More

Bessie as Bull Dyke

Bessie belched like a ripsnort bull she got a ghetto guffaw and a freight train roar she was a big-boned … More