My life as a pop-tart

she’s so fine there’s no telling where the money went “quit moving around or we’ll have to kill you (nurse … More

Boerne, dog

Good soldier, met yer responsibility, beyond The gift that one creature gives another in turn given you, Boerne, to Mark, … More

Before I put my dog down

Ally’s going to her next home on Monday.  Her work with me is done.  She’ll be thirteen this November and … More

Kate in the tall grass

in an open field, in the tall grass, he found Kate, panting after running, he long ago misplaced her at … More

Carcass of cedar

His is a heart hanging Out the chest of that there cedar. That soldier upside-down dead. He bled out, called … More

Michele, MSW

Michele lives, in forests leering. She see no tree without disease, without a canker The girl could leave the wood, … More

Calvo mostly in Cali

Santa Monica you and me in my humvee got pulled over in the desert i got busted down that rank, … More

Calvo at the beach

Virginia Beach did it rain that evening at the show? did we kiss on the bus the way back? i … More

Building topples sideways

Muslims following storks to the doings of CassowariesTo sniff the entrails of brothers and sistersWith thoughts of a palm- and … More

Dying Tree in Chicago

reeds in the frozen water’s edge which, moving in the wind,caught small cups of water with each curtsy the tree … More

Gonzalo At Gitmo

he was afraid o dying johnny cash is now dead and with him care for convicts our police underway and … More