Friday Night at the Daddy Daughter Dance

Do do do
Daddy did did. 
Drive drive drive 
(us, to)
Drink drink drink. 
Down down down 
(wrong side)
Town town town
Stink stink stink
Oy oy vey 
Clink clink clink 
Dither gown over
Crown crown crown 
(now, look)
‘Round ’round ’round
(does he)
See see see?
Brink brink brink
Frown frown frown
Drift drift drift 
(gather us)
Wood wood wood 
Mère mère mère
(she stop, look)
There there there
Mink mink mink
Puppy, put to pound
Come come come
(oh, my) 
Duty duty daughter
Oh, narcissus mine
Force force force
That sun to shine
Laugh laugh laugh
Ha ha ha
Post your polo pony
(ride, like) 
Wind wind wind
From my sight sight sight. 
Good good good
Night night night
Same same same
(you, i)
Plight plight plight
(la vérité)
Blight blight blight. 
You my legacy
Me me me 
Mine mine mine
I cause your sun to shine. 

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