Blazing saddles v2

(Alcotán, dog, farts) ¡¡¡ PFFFFFFFFT !!! Timoteo: Jesu Christi!  What do you feed that thing? Rick: Eats only what he … More

Blazing saddles v1

Alcotán, dog, farts ¡¡¡ PFFFFFFFFT !!! Timoteo: Jesu Christi!  What do you feed that thing?  Something crawled up inside him … More

Rick takes his shot, v1

Failed attempt to rescue Timo when shepherd Pastor Cobos sends sheep into AA to allow gypsy boy Mogliesteu to scout … More

The poison wind

“This is not Las Marismas. No ships no boats no futures sail from here. The winds carry only poison, the … More

Rick takes his shot, v00

Once captured by Nationalists’ Moors, Timoteo stares from bridge at Rick up on the mountain, demands he take the shot. … More

Maybe get off a shot

poof-poof-poof o them amphetamine chinks  them eyes a-wide all speed-addled pad-pad-pad down the riverbed rot night-blind and ammo-saddled  with rice … More

Haiku for Jesus

jesus said, “hey, what you doing here hiding in the water from the draughts in the gap-filled room, where the … More

Combat multipliers

pursues fear everywhere, all around, all over except in the headspace & timing: multiple calibres measure combat multipliers we have … More