We begged our children as bats, v0

We begged our children as bats

To eat the insects of our existence

To eat the insects feasting our illnesses

To eat the insects of our illnesses, the boils of us

To debride the blisters on our cheeks

To cleanse our lips their blisters

To make us smile again

To relieve us the maggots, their work being done

To feast on our insect illnesses

To guide us deaf, lacking radar

To guide us w stove-in radar and pituitaries

To steady us erratic

To sense for us deaf dumb blind deferred

To take our hands in their spiny small mouths

To say

“It shall be okay,

I shall show you the way”

To relieve us our dusks

To paint the night sky infrared

To teach us to feel once again

The cool night air

The mysteries within

To simply leave our house despite dusk onset

To abandon our careful cossets

To leave the bridge

To step off the bridge into the unknowns of the universe

To step off the bridge, to laugh at the unknowns of the universe

Our fine feathered friends

Greasy and oiled

The detritus of our lives, spoiled

Our souls upturned like any meagre excavation

Our spoil cast aside like any fighting position

Grenade sumps for the taking

The digging all night, the faking

To bring us slurps for our slaking

And the glorious relief of all

Good night good morning our saviors small

Fly thee sudden fly thee fast delay not the cuttings the spinnakers cast

Captain us home.

To lead us supine in tepid waters dusk upturned

For the love of gods

Captain us home

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