“Ah, Alcotán, last time was ours

When Timo caught by the Nx convoy he gives up coolly, totally outnumbered, makes sure Alcotán stays cool.  Timo knows he is dead, and the dog, and he wants to control the deaths of those he loves.  Already knows he will kill the dog.

Nx chain Timo hands together  and throw him on the back bed of a fuel tank truck.  

African Cur Dog Alcotán jumps up onto the bed, through the dust as the truck pulls away.

For only the 2nd time, we see Timoteo without his “lucky hat” on.  ( took it off to get the razor blade out of it to mercy kill Alcotán, like when he gave the Moor a blade to slit his wrists/throat with, or face death-by-dog, and it is Timoteo’s exit strategy, at the end of a very bad day, he has always a blade with which to kill himself )

     “Ah, Alcotán, last time was ours. Now it’s theirs.  Easy come, easy go.”  

Slits Alcotán’s throat. 

Nx soldiers come around the back of the truck, Timoteo stands there defiantly, straightly, with blood on his trousers and dead dog at his feet.  His look, posture everything says:
          “Bring it you fucks.  You have nothing.  I control the deaths of those for whom i care.  I control deaths.  I decide.  You can take nothing from me that I wouldn’t do so first.  I am already dead, the second you saw me, and nothing bad can happen from here on out.  Bring it, fuckers.”

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