While at sea RICK gets letter from CLARE

While at sea RICK gets letter from CLARE

(CLARE, in letter to RICK)


Ricky, I’m writing to you from St Finas’s Home for Unwed Mothers. This wasn’t my choice. My parents forced me to come here.

I know it wasn’t part of our plan, but yes, I am pregnant, and I want to have your child. The other girls tell me though that no one leaves here with their child.

I feel terrible giving you this news in a letter but, you’ll be at sea through my pregnancy.

I just feel like I had to let you know. I don’t know what to do.

It feels like my life, our baby’s life and our lives are not our own.

The nuns say there’s nothing to be done about this. By the time you receive this letter even, our child might have been born. I fear this might destroy me.

Ricky, I know this. I can only say that having you back we can work through together the sadness at having to give up our child.

Love, Clare.

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