At least it was natural causes

Come on, cancer
The lack the will the fade to smile

The lack the not the kill
The peer the pressure

The wrong the fork for the wrong plate
This long the night without measure

The needle the drip the feed-by-tube
The not the casing the jacket the surge the suppressor

The spoon the not the bolt
The vein the not extractor

The bruise the collapse the not the congestive the morphine the pump the days the nights the visitors the sentinels the guards the legions the escorts the fightsp

The living the will the die the breath
The nurse taking the measure

The at-least the muzzle the brake
The tending-to the not the sending from

Powderless and pitiful and
Oh the injustice of the early the life the take.

So come the cancer
Come the night long the answer

The cry the grave the side the loss the sad
Them the be-not-mad
Them the victory, the had.

The evaporate the cool the slake the not the center of mass the muzzle the brake
The change the vein the not the barrel the ache

The DNR the not BRM

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