Shanghai lil insisted

shanghai lil insisted on that suicide, pill on that self-deny, still. she shoved souls unwilling to be revealed. she said … More

Grant me the earthquake

devoid of sway the only son is undone through wobble and shake the yearned-for earthquake does that boy love another … More

Hey jude, you’ll do

it spans continents and years of looks and miles of books for answers to score whores of niggers on each … More

There were skin grafts

there were broke bones there were skin grafts among the shot-to-death seraphs yer a good man, Charlie Brown (his dog … More

Toujours l’audace

( l’audace l’audace toujours l’audace ) was for other little men not of crossed arms or crossed wills i gave … More

Be there that blowfish

be there that blowfish “none shall pass, motherfucker” this is no way to live getting one’s shit pushed in like … More

One weaves a cocoon

one weaves a cocoon ’round one’s shoulders one is a collapsed heart a lumbago awaits the rains following soon the … More