Joe, NPO

cloverleaving through the night cleaving unto what’s right seething, disbelieving: they chickens they goats “don’t trust a man with a … More

That bamboo

that bamboo refused the stand upright there was relief in the voices of birds and bees who no longer alight

Joe got a glock

We are men with children and many cupholders Our hair graying, cocks sagging Powers turning to fairy dust  All the … More

Lead me not

It were a fever of ants astride the evacuated asp On earth as it is in heaven It were an … More

Veterans Day

one’s sinister beard no substitute for hateone’s nice tie no solace for the being late for the luncheon where the … More

Dante Tapping Trees

drip honey onto the floorboards of hell “did you not know?” “there are souls sans tongues” pikes >= count(ribs) – … More