Bessie as bull, straight, no chaser

Bessie belched up a ripsnort bull
she got a ghetto guffaw and a freight train roar
she was a big-boned woman with a brood-bitch stare
a magnum worth of whore w a power down to there

that beady-eyed bitch got a snapped-off kill-switch

a peg for a leg and torque for tits
in our time together she got sawed-off and stitched
and one day she ate my trailer hitch

she was grind and no mind

a tractor cross with a high-speed hunter
she runned a oil like a chunky peanut butter

her hindquarters got a black-girl wobble

get her gun-down-gun she grunt like an ox

Come on boy … get down on that throttle.

she was a alpha bitch bike

a brahma cow she stare down them rodeo clowns
she good to go a fifteen rounds

now looka here, see these injectors? …

she spray your face with a fistful o gas

“they’re built to cum with a shot in the ass

short of leg and long on go

“i got a waist like a wasp”

and a rack like bardot

she had a stub of a nose and a gap of a tooth

got her tilt in her lilt with her thigh-high boots
she put a two-smoke hex on them tee-shirt squids
she threw a spit of a chaw on their piss-boy hoots

she got a S painted on her side

speed n sport n suicide
shag n stomp n stretch n slide
slow down time, swell up space
speed n scrape n somersault
sparks a-fly, she’ll admit no fault
aint no rat she wont race

“i wear a bandana truss and my panties smell o brake dust”

she got no sissy cat, she got no enviro pipes
she told me 

i dont need no bacterial wipes

she spits out the sheets of the acid rain
and shits out the air pollution
she flares out scads o get-away-gas
she turds out the nasty mogas scat
lift her head, say 

shit on that

overall, she give-a-damn

— our girl liked her drink by the quart

in turn number five, she said

hold on lover … duck and cover

she shook her tailfeather
i goosed her n she never slowed
she stood her hands-on-hip
she chucked me down the road
and I let my backbone slip.

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