Boerne, dog

Good soldier, met yer responsibility, beyond
The gift that one creature gives another in turn given you, Boerne, to Mark, Greg, Clint, Justin, Tom, Celine, Andrea, Blaine
that which Evanne gave you
you too passed on to the boys in their tricking years,  to men, on their way and now, you too, can be …

“he has made a pretty day
for himself to be on his way

“she will not see me walk away

“i didn’t want the last thing she saw to be me leaving her.”

“if i were a handicapper, i wouldn’t take that bet”

“they took too long to shoot the dog”
[ she didn’t ]

“you’re a good soldier”

“i whispered in your ear
as you your last breath, well, you took
like me with Nickee, the dominance, the dogfight, the beating forsook, the anger forsook,
the breathe
the in the inhale, the whispered ear
the care where would be cur
the care to leave the control
the care unseat the control

that dog worried the son gone to war sniffing explosives like a swine truffles, and the fear the predictable results

the privilege of inhaling that dog’s last breath

of him exhaling his pheremones into my shirt, my skin, chest, arms, hands, face, snout
the splash like water mist fog from him into my eyes
the blood and ringers from his blocked catheter when the vet tried to jam it unblock it and it blew back on his trousers, up my nose and in my eyes

his first breath he breathed mine
his last breath i breathed his
and so it went

Tuesday, 9 February, 16 21:26