Bullies approach Rick as he plays chess by himself at a park chess table.

“Which one of those whores is your mother?”
“They won’t tell him!”
“Right, nobody’ll claim him.
“My father says the one who runs the place looks to old to be his mother.”
“And his father?
“Who’d admit to fathering such a weakling?”
“Don’t forget ‘ugly’. ”
“You know, he sits there and plays with himself.”
“Yeah, he loses to himself at chess!”
“Whaddya got, chess-boy?”

Rick remains silent.Bully scatters chess pieces into the bushes.Rick stands up. Turns around. Starts to walk away. Bullies surround him. Start shoving. Other kid breaks into circle, turns head bully around, belts him. Other kids scatter. Rick and the kid who helped him, became friends.

“Would you teach me how to play chess?”


One day playing chess in park, kid beats Rick for the first time. They head to subway. Bullies follow them, jump turnstiles. No words exchanged, bully runs at friend from behind, pushes him into the tracks, third rail?

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