ZUMAYA pets ALCOTÁN at café in Madrid

ZUMAYA pets Alcotan, meets RICK at Madrid cafe

RICK sits at outdoor cafe table, leans back in chair, smokes w cup of coffee in left hand, newspaper on table, The African Cur, Alcotán, dozy at his feet. ZUMAYA approaches RICK table, looks down at dog


May I pet him?


I don’t know Miss, but he’ll let you know.

ZUMAYA kneels, pets Alcotán.  Dozy, he rolls over, shows belly, legs straight up in air.


He’s handsome. What breed is this your dog?


Oh, he’s not my dog, Miss.  He’s a stowaway.  Now he won’t go away. Take him with you if you like.


No, it’s clear he loves you


Love? He kind of adopted me.


Oh?  Where was that?


Africa.  He seems to think I’m HIS stray.


Perhaps like you, he is smarter than he looks.

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