Stalk Steadman to Spain

Thank you.
  1. Handsome site you have here, will explore later.
  2. Perhaps you and Glenn knew this young man, Ronald Searle:
  3. British Cartoon Archive   Searle
  4. British Cartoon Museum, Ronald Searle on Hitler
  5. Last summer, NYC, Equestrian and I went to this Terry Gilliam event in researching screenplay, not terribly useful
  6. And Megabus’d to Steadman Retro in NYC
  7. Given political nature of our Steadman request, was bummed to have missed this:
  8. Steadman Rage rage
  9. Steadman re Charlie Hebdo & offense
  10. Steadman’s HUMANITARIAN work, mother, child @Beirut, a la Spain Civil War
  11. Spanish Civil War, Pinterest of iconic propaganda posters:
  12. Picasso, bullfights
  13. No sighting of Steadman’s agent yet.
And, perhaps, this shall be close enough:
Ralph I Steadman.  Old Loose Court.  Kent ME15 9SE.  UNITED KINGDOM (UK)