Sevilla: Troubles the mules

What troubles the mules is not the presence, the loiter, the stink, of death, rather the intrusion upon one’s dying.

We. Watchmaker

We are  exact  careful  precise,  watchmaker,     we put springs where were their ears    we put gears where were … More

wdp: Key my car?

Really? Key my car? That’s for infants. And as all us veterans know Infants are just targets in tutus  

Oh, sure, bio-dad. — big zen clown shoes

Oh, sure, bio-dad. — such an unhapp of a child My-family Thanksgivings in Western Maryland: you toddler, crying folded like a deflated beach-ball buddha at the top of the stairs; beyond your 3 years; perplexed your Grandma Pat: ” … such an unhappy child.”