Then Hong Kong, the snowboard, the concussion, the Matthew Sweet, the TS Eliot

@ LTF …
Then Hong Kong, the snowboard concussion, the Matthew Sweet, the Peper-gone, Haley her mother, her migraines, her year sans friends. the 2007 psycheval. The 2008 ex-HP, Bangert, Eagle Alliance, Bangert DCGS-A NGC, not TS, the got fired from NGC, Charlie Dog, Vicki –> Praxis/TKB/Ops2A, the thirty-thousand dollar hardwood floor summer, the accident, the Erika passed out, new years Eve Chicago Froggy, the 2010 the Tilden, Charlie-in-ice, good-running year, the child, the liquor, the argument, the another-child surgery skeduled , the supervised counselor-phone visits, the dog, the dog snarls the child, that no-surgery Tilden gone, Oracle RAC at TKB wuz ok, the lawsuit, the financial freak Moto year, the fuck-it I’m fucked summer, 401k savagery #1, the Ninja summer of motorcycle racing, dogpark day & night, dog bites Gretchen, the dog at quarantine, animal control interview at Mayfair, isolation at work, summer poetry blogging at work, fired the lawyer, 401k savagery #2, one week in Chicago, Jennifer, Alida, California Superbike in Jersey, the 2-stroker, TKB death-by-Metrics, Jennifer, the moto after moto til three-in-the-stable, California Superbike in Cali, Alida Austin, the SV650, Jennifer, natural born killers Andrea, Pete at TKB, the got-fired yet again, from TKB this time, 401k savagery #3, the dog bites, the bench-time, the bipolar to headhunter, Praxis mgmt, the give-up-dog, Jennifer x her ATD February 16th, the 3-time Hadoop exam nogo, the total loss of technical & professional confidence, the pure-DBA job, the Ed latch-on, OKC, TOS, the Sunday runs w Kevo the suspended license criminal case, the ToughMudder, CIA Ninja, Rene Beatriz, the accident again, the amnesia, the Ed skedule, the no-gym, the no-drive, the Element clutch dead deader deadest, flesh wounds, Uncle Bill dead, Dana, the Element differential, the suicide discussions, summer day camp, the Element transmission, got the helmet back, the Jamie-hijacked-my-job and-does-it-better-anyway Xmas, the professionally dead-man-walking xmas bonus, Aaron motorcycle show IMS info ivw, my Oracle Streams failure, just as suicidal if not moreso. the why-Dana-stay-around? I want college money, no loan no work study. My mother will kill you you piss me off, even more dead-geek-walking, fuck IT, mgmt lshp not gonna happen.

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