Vote me off this island, please

Ma, not dismissing your fears.

Not a one of us knows WTF we’re taking about.

All of us civilian laypersons are out of our league, in way over our heads. Are the doctors even able to tread water?

I feel sightless. Other than rumors of lower myeloma-IGA counts I’m privy to nothing suggesting that the Hopkins medical team is the one-eyed man in our kingdom of the blind.

No 2 of us have access to the same data.

Everybody was convinced that 10 days of Oxy was gonna ruin me for life.

Who among us upper-middle-class good citizens wouldn’t be addicted after 7 months of Tramadol, Oxy, Fentanyl cocktails?

More discussion, no.

Specific actions, yes.

Only you & Pete have the access to act on the 1st 2 very specific items that i mentioned above:

  1. Hopkins MyChart privileges for at least 1 child
  2. Medical Power of Attorney for at least 1 child

Failing this, I no longer wanna be a party to more feckless
Fambly Zooms that are not buttressed by effective change, where M, B & other well-intended of us gather gauzy laurels upon which to rest assured that the best is being done. It. Is. Not.

We have all of us failed to cover ourselves in glory. For some of us the lack of information might be partly to blame.

Something has to change. I’ve started by presenting the hardline and inviting the inevitable

“oh, that’s J, off his meds again, he’s in a bad way but you know, he’ll go away”

Other stuff needs to change. Do your worst.

Without a switch from opioids to anxiety-control, Ma, you will continue to waste away like any Trainspotting Breaking Bad character. Every Fambly Zoom there’s less of you there.

Ask the Pain Medicine doctor who everyone found offensive to participate in a telehealth in which at least 1 son is included.

Arrange w the doctor that 1 child have speaking privileges during the meeting. Allow that child to ask questions. Whichever child gets the mantle then gets the charge to document & share. I learned this from Joe’s family.

All 3 of your sons work 7 day weeks. Each of us already scrape out as much time as we can. I don’t want 1 more meeting, but there it is. We love our Ma. We wanna help.

Unless, until you grant transparency into your medical records & treatment, ain’t none of us can do you any good.

Look into the future. Google “addiction movies Netflix”

Also, you gotta quit being your own little dictator. Quit abusing, disinforming & misinforming your husband, your doctors, your children.

I know this is upsetting & harsh, maybe embarrassing & shaming. It is not however a character assassination.

After 7 months on flavors of smack, who among us would not be addicted?

It is 1 of 3 sons offering something different, to unfuck a bona fide predictable, addiction, towards a better outcome than we’ve seen so far.

I look forward to better ideas, better information, better outcomes.

Prove me totally, fucking, wrong. Please.

Vote me off this island. Please.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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