Them beeves going blind

volcanos got all hot under the collar
volcanos drink beer, get all belly laugh
them beeves goin’ blind
got shit in their mouths
got grit in their eyes
“farmer john when i was but a little beef
        you brought a hot stick
you burned me on the hind
now do the same where i cant lick
burn out my eyes, show me a kind
farmer john, i can tell you tho you didnt aks: 
each blink’s a burn hoof in the plain o pain
every breath’s an inhalation o tacks
and my tongue’s just a-bleed from that broke-glass rain
you had buildings like this once
i saw them on your vid
threw people out the windows
said “it’s your only chance, kid”
so farmer john
if you wont kill me
least show me a mercy
put that poker deep hot in my eyes
        just make ’em gone, just make ’em gone
that beeve smell the burning eyes
said “curse you farmer john fer not kill me
but bless you fer do me a kind”
“what’s father doin’?
“shutup Johnny, put on your mask and stay inside”
tornados sneer

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