anonymous comments of nature of Justin’s relationship with Haley


  1. — i’ve observed Justin & Haley on numerous visits, their relationship appears to be happy and natural
  2. — Justin has seen Haley on a regular basis the whole time I’ve known him
  3. — i’ve never heard Justin speak ill of Amy to Haley
  4. — In my opinion Justin is too permissive with Haley
  5. — Haley is close with her grandmother
  6. — I have always felt that Justin spoils Haley
  7. — Justin has fostered relationships with her cousins, Kayleigh, Jack, Olivia, Dylan, Daniel
  8. — Justin has fostered relationships with friends’ children, including Lucia K and Clarissa L
  9. — I’ve seen Justin spend a couple of hours on the phone, discussing Haley’s photography and Photoshop work online
  10. — I have seen Justin speak inappropriately, including profanity, with Haley or in her presence
  11. — Justin has taken Haley snowboarding w friends
  12. — Justin and Haley have traveled to NYC on several occasions to spend time with her cousins Dylan and Daniel
  13. — Justin has included or at least invited Haley to be part of family events and trips, ie to Wales, to Texas 
  14. — Justin has done things to empower Haley, own bank account, managing cellphone account, comparison shopping and purchase of airline tickets for visitation
  15. — I’ve seen Justin spend a couple of hours on the phone with Haley
  16. — I thought it was inappropriate, but Justin has provided Haley with a cellphone since she was five years old
  17. — When she went to Hong Kong, Justin bought Haley and her grandmother Skype phones
  18. — Justin supported Haley going to Hong Kong, and expressed his thought that she ought to stay there long enough to complete her International Baccalaureate (IB) and get a grounding in Mandarin, to enrich her worldview and make her college applications stand out
  19. —  Justin supported, encouraged and tutored Haley in her efforts for admission into St Ignatius School in Chicago
  20. — Justin goes to Chicago at least once each year to see Haley in her world, and meet her friends