Joe, NPO

cloverleaving through the night cleaving unto what’s right seething, disbelieving: they chickens they goats “don’t trust a man with a … More

The spite chair

1x brasilian 2x moves 2x affairs 2x concussions 3x jobs 4x jobs ax 2x big legal axn, HK, Agnes-ity 10x new tires 1500 track miles $50k much over-spending mania, … More

Hers not that gift

his dog knew their souls in the nearby her boy flatout unable to die and her’s not that gift to … More

Deathwish? Don’t get me started

death wish? thedeath-will, thedeath-want, thedeep-sea fishing, thedeath-wonder [ the dishes to wash ]  thedeath march, thedeath watch, themdevouge springs, therethe … More