Welcome to the wood-chipper (ded to ZdlR)


Take your mayor w you 

Your pimps 

Your whores 

Your civil engineers

Your baseball scores 

“Welcome to the wood-chipper”

Same bodies just different names 

Different deaths w azimuth the same   

The Tritium 

The Leviathan 

The Savior 

The foot-ball 

The quicktime-march 

Same death, different azimuth 

Declination, degradation 

Timezone transparent 

Gird your grid, grid your north 

1975 cute, French, fucked 

2021 a train-wreck, the kite-runner death 

“You are welcome to 




Shit-casting call in this pall of a city 






Hose them Kabuli 

For fear sear our acres of centuries-nothing 

Taste our diesel deaths 

Drink our bloody goats milk

The mysteries 

The mines 

The wobble 

The back the forth 

The your-guess Good-as-mine 

“Azimuth Abandon Now “



We pray 

We cry 

Beg you for your blanket of rubble 

The refuse to pay

Our streets we lack the lights 

Bring on your star-cluster 

Sing on your Willie-Pete 

Give our tongue the mustard 

Give McGyver-wannabe the wire 

Let him wrap our faces in fuses 

The tin snips 

The needle-nose plier 

The blasting-cap 

Thread the det-cord intravenous 

Flows the endless stream of foreign filth 

Yellow-corned w Koranic holy words 

We consecrate w duct-tape 

Seven nations under electrical-tape 

They burned 

Our pallets of damnation 

Our skids of sanctimony 

Piled sky-high with scads of cash 

Embalm your opium-eater

Plow your sharecropper-sharia 

Pay the man his money 

Or a 7 . 6 . 2 To the pretty-boy honey  

Our revolution will be uncircumcised 

Your shame will not be euthanized 

“We are your graveyard”

Empire-digger, impure 

Enjoy your bitter end 

Imagine you can endure

When come the rains 

Your boys pop belly-up like bubbles of shit 

We’ll chase you back to the bones of your planes 

That we bleached on our poppy plains 

Where rot the cheeks of your sons 

Whom we mashed like opium In our waterless drains 


Catch, baby, catch 

Inside the airport gates 

Reach for your oxygen mask, Marlboro Man 

Catch my baby, catch 

Aleikum salam

The mortar, the pestle 

Salam aleikum 

Replicate to mutilate 

With open arms 

Welcome in the campesino 

Greet them

“Welcome to the wood-chipper” 

with the funnel, the flag 

The A the K

The I.  E.  D.  

The M the 4 

The 5 . 5 . 6 

The 4-deuce 

The drone

Muhammad called forth his maggots 

And you, Herati, you Kandahari 

You shall fill the bill 

“Prepare to give your maggot life, you know for … Inshallah” 

Glory to god in the highest 

Shame to your opium-eaters 

Sing their godless song 

Their headless dance 

Their cock-less prance 

We magnify their shame 

With our camera frame 

We indict their name 

“Allahu, mother-fuckers” 

Step off the skid 

The grip 

The loss 

The grab-yer-lid

The running chainsaw toss 

The father, the loss

Sing the holy unwashed kid 

Hosannah his shame to the highest 

“This land is our land”

These grains of sand our tongue 

Admit that you’ve met 

The fear 

The door 

The back of our hand 

Say goodnight 

Pray Inshallah 

Shut the madrasa stock-yard door 

The girls behind the grates 

The boys broken like chairs 

Rock to stay awake 

Safeguard your salt-lick spirit 

Breathe not another breath 

For thirsts you’ll never slake


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