Sackbutt’s egret explodes into the sky

that were a flotsam-smelling, hermit-crab jump zone, and
her red peppers shriveled on the roof
he piss this n pepper that, say ” it burn baby.”
put out the willie pete with a soju chaser,
she got her git-yer-G.I.
see’d ‘im coming a tank-trap away
them ladies said
“now here’s what you gonna do:
get to that P X in that U S A”
she hunt down her G I
got his house on the lake
got a child-thirst canna slake
got guns n bikes n bucks
got no dog make a mess
got a board-shaped woman ne’er own a dress
got a bee-sting woman ne’er get undressed
nothing but dog jerk n a rice cake
her overgrowed eggs was a-rot
2 feet down in a kimchi pot
no pitter, no patter
no suck on the shrivel teat
just the poof-poof o speed-addled chinks
pad-pad down the riverbed rot
amphetamine-addled, nightblind and ammo-saddled
them rice balls fer feet
the z’s gone all for poaching now
the guardposts where we used smoke
the ambush sites we used to sweat
aint no Ma Deuce
aint no kids
aint no joke
just rusty ol’ mines in a ocean o pigshit
that churn over n under w every dolphin rain
with every egret explodes into the sky
all piss in my pants and chin a-burn w ‘baccy juice
and every toadstool soldier walk by.

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