Her red peppers

she cook up a big dinner so i hears,
her red peppers dun shriveled on the roof 
they lights up his asshole
he piss this n pepper that 
shit out willie pete with a slam-jam chaser and
a leaky dead kat 
the boy’s smart but the boy’s a fool 
to that half-pint o ain’t-got-no-milk 
that promised him honey but give him the gruel 
got her schoolgirl books and her schoolboy looks 
see’d ‘im coming a tank-trap away 
them ladies said 
“now here’s what you gonna do:
get to that P X in that U S A
get the car keys
get the checkbook”
she got this scarecrow body belong to a boy
that’s a bitch ain’t got a lick o class
no funny bone, no tits, an’ a lazy eye 
all deef in one eer and urchins fur an ass
“Come to Mama, lonely G I “
her bachelor boy goin’ soon boost his yankee roost 
goin’ move in under mama’s care 
be under the cap’n’s roof 
watch more money go poof! 
got no dogs, 
nuthin’ to set up a stinkin’
got no boys, 
not even a’ orphan to take plinkin’ 
his sister under that dismal swamp 
she make boats n
she make kids 
his brother in dat cold colds water 
he make bicycles n 
he make kids 
but Spaceman Biff ain’t making jack
what wi’ her babymaker on the skids 
Spaceman Biff got a garageful o careful chose toys 
at that teeny box of a house 
no good for dinner-drinkin’ or poker wi the boys 
her protest church praise a dead dog in a mortar pit
that Spaceman Biff “he’s a deacon, you know,
he show the righteous where they’s got to ought to have to sit”
her boy be a loyal grasshopper
an’ Spaceman Biff gowan come a ‘cropper 
him careful-planned, 
him knuckle-crunch and 
him jaw to da bone 
him a loyal grasshopper, too 

dead-clutch that stingin’ nettle all night long.

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