Whistler’s Mother blows The Deer Hunter

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Sweetie, I’m not concerned about
      “You’re a jerk.
      “I’ll key your car.”
Both our cars are 12 years old anyway, their best days well behind them 🤓 …
and if all that
Mister “I-Killed-People”
does is key model year 2005 Elvis, I’ll take that as a win 🤗,
maybe even an improvement for Elvis.
I am however deeply troubled by the
booted woman who at one point made a move
to kick FRODO, then later,
even amongst the assembled,
lifted FRODO by the collar,
looked at me threateningly, and said with some venom:

   “My dog will FUCK yours up!”

She said they are there 3 times a week.
Perhaps we can learn how to ensure we have no overlapping visits.
I don’t know the Spuds McKenzie dog breed.   The white one appeared less interested in fighting than in the blue ball he arrived with.
He even came over to me as I squatted, you know all Sumo like I do, watching dogs for language & situations, and accepted getting his cheeks rubbed.
It was at this time I noticed that the red mark I’d seen from a distance when they entered now looked midway between a repeatedly-opened scab and or some laceration.
I didn’t see any clear provocations, but the mottled grey-black Spuds acted and sure sounded quite vicious when she went after FRODO and scared me even …
… uh, kinda like the female owner 😕

On Aug 9, 2017, at 10:54, wrote:

Hey hon!!

So sorry the dog park was not a good experience this morning.  People can get defensive over their dogs and can say some pretty rude things.  It is hurtful and not right at all.  Plus threatening to key Elvis because it was not parked correctly?  Sheesh can we say over-reaction????
And I can’t believe someone actually called you a jerk.  Talk about rude!!!!
I dunno….Maybe take a break from the dog park?
I am so sorry about the whole thing.  I wish I knew what else to say….

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 10:17 AM, giro <xgironx@yahoo.com> wrote:

“I’ll key your car.
“My dog will fuck yours up.
“You’re a jerk.
“He’s just a jerk
“You’re clueless
“The other people are responsible, you’re not.

Arrive 0647 @ dogpark only John e Ellie English Mastiff & Great Dane .
I’m in jeans and my sorta-white Banana Republic sport coat — the very one I got irreparably dusty riding horses w Evanne in December Texas last fall .
Much fun play & rough-housing Ellie & FRODO. John admits to chilly in red gym shorts.  Tells me how Ellie tricks Dane to get memory foam.  We joke about Ellie being the smart grifter of the family.

Fumiko arrives and her dogs wrassle each other.
FRODO & Great Dane run up & down fence line w dog in small dogpark.   Convo w FUMIKO & foster for 2 dogs surrendered by woman w breast cancer.

The Deer Hunter
Gentleman in cargo combat shorts and thick white mustache
“That green box out there.
Someone can’t park
Oh, that’s me.
I’m going to key it.
Adjusts & test fires his spray bottle for finer, sharper, longer range.  Trajectory.
(The other day I asked the gentleman on the bench where he got his tattoo.
In the army.
As fellow veteran I wanted to know more.
Oh. What did you do there?
I killed people.
Walked away. )

  Woman in flower-colored short galoshes, red shorts and black t-shirt w black spuds McKenzie lookin dog, snarling, “Ultimate Conquest or Death”, while holding FRODO in air by collar, come get your dog.
As I approached the scene, I’m sure they’ll work it  out.
That’s not how we do things around here, jerk.
“You’re dog was humping my dog. That’s against the rules.
Please let go of my dog.
I approach.
No, come get your dog.

Relative calm ensues.

White spuds dog approaches me friendly.  I note it’s scratched red, if not blood’d nose line. I pet dog on sides.  He trots off.

Next incident FRODO seeking to play w the white spuds,
 FRODO & White Spuds w blue all in mouth run along shoulder-to-shoulder.  White Spuds turns on FRODO, more snarling.
” I’m not  asking your permission.  come get your dog.  We’re here 3 days per week. “
girl and black gentmelman sweats-hoodie wearing companion with rather weak chin & slump o posture  lift up their digs and walk to airlock.
FRODO trails along.  I follow.  Black gentlemen companion until then silent holding black spuds by forelegs only, in the air, turns yells “getnconteol I your dog, we’ve never …”.  I approach get FRODO by collar and sit with him until hencouole exits the second door of airlock.
Whistler’s Mother Yells “The other people who bring FRODO are responsible.  He’s just a jerk. Clueless.

Mia tells Fumiko that sounds scare her dog, thunder.  I said
My Lab same way Fourth of July, ran,

Whistler’s Mother chucks ball to dog when dog doesn’t retrieve he blows on  plastic whistle .
I approach Whistler’s Mother
” my girlfriend says FRODO & Dudley play very nicely together.
“She’s responsible.  You’re just clueless.
“Did you happen to see me hold FRODO by the collar and sit there quietly as the couple exited the airlock?
“I must have missed that.
I walk back to top of park towards airlock.

Fumiko and Mia walk & talk at north end of park.
I hear another shrill whistle, closer this time.
Suddenly, Mia’s black lab runs panic’d & shaking to airlock. I follow Mia,
I put  FRODOs lead on, leaving.
I parking lot Mia loads dog into Hyundai Tucson w “Navy Wife” license plate. Says it was the whistle scared her dog. Have to leave.  Hopes she’ll come back.    Loves her Hyundai Tucson.  Second one. Keeps the 8-9 years.  I point to ELVIS, I don’t have a car less than 12 years old, including that one parked incorrectly.  She smiles, laughs.
“I hope she’s not too scared to come back.

Drive home, slow, upset. Wesley had door lock apart.   Had broken. Wouldn’t even work w graphite spray.  I told him
“FRODO had a good time. I had a miserable time. wish I could say I don’t care and am not ax upset, but that’s not correct.  Thinking I might have to take a half-Valium, shower and get to office.  Deadline.

Now I’ve spent time writing to get this out of my system while dozens of work instant messages fly by trying to get servers working.